John Fenno, Founder/CEO 
John Fenno, Founder/CEO Pro Bono Legal

Pro Bono Legal (PBL) provides an array of traditional and non-traditional consulting services aimed at building your low and pro bono legal services resources and capacity to manage and sustain scalable growth to meet short or long-term challenges and demands. Pretty much any entity that engages volunteers for public or private use can benefit from our collaboration.

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Through Choose Your Pro Bono we are also building low and pro bono teams to be able to serve directly and strategically those of you with those specific needs and demands.




If you are a consultant or expert services provider, let us hire you or collaborate with us! Join our team of expert consultants and collaborators to help maximize the potential of those relying on pro bono resources. Join the Pro Bono Resource Network and follow the group on @ProBonoTweets. Join us in growing the worldwide pro bono legal aid legal services support community. Send in the form.  There is no commitment or cost, only new projects for you.

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This is one way to volunteer. Let us make it as easy for you or your law firm. 

  • Email us with any project requests.

  • Schedule a brief listening session with us.

  • Create a project now form submission.

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Choose Your Pro Bono

Be a team or join one. Judges make great pro bono attorneys too!

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Judges Can Too

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Florida Judicial Ethics Benchguide 2018:

Canon 4B was clarified in order to encourage judges to engage in activities to improve the law, the legal system, and the administration of justice...a judge may engage in activities intended to encourage attorneys to perform pro bono services,  including and not limited to...general procedural or scheduling accommodations for pro bono attorneys...acting in an advisory capacity to pro bono programs...etc.

Judges Can do Pro Bono too Support Lab

You are what type of PBL client?





Legal Aid/Legal Services Program

Law Firm Manager/Corporate Counsel


State/County Court Administrator

Bar Association/Voluntary Bar Association/Leadership

Non Profit Executive Director/Manager/Leadership

Development/Pro Bono Director

Non Profit/Law School Authority

Pro Bono Coordinator/Manager/Attorney

Born or Mean Age from:

-Gen Z (New Silent - 2000 to present)

-Gen Y (Millennials - 1980 to 2000)

-Gen X (Thirteeners - 1965 to 1979)

-Baby Boomers - (1946 to 1964)

-In Honor of the Silent and GI Generations (1900 to 1945)


We can help you in many ways listed here



Resource Development Strategies


Strategic Program/Organizational

Development and Integration

Program Evaluation and Process Analysis/Enhancement

Next Level Performance/Solutions


Development and Enhancement

Substantive Legal Training

Pro Bono Recruitment/Placement

Low Bono Options

Mentoring/Coaching and Referral/Placement

Pro Bono Association Development and Implementation/Support

Media/Digital Marketing/Tech Solutions/LawTegic Agency Authority


Government Attorneys  and other Untapped Professional Resources

State Bar Pro Bono Attorney Time Tracking, Reporting, Certifications, and Promoting 

Law School/Law Student Networking

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