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 John Fenno, Founder/CEO 

Pro Bono Legal (PBL) provides an array of traditional and non-traditional consulting services aimed at building your pro bono legal services resources and capacity to manage and sustain scalable growth to meet short or long-term challenges. Pretty much any entity that engages volunteers for public or private use can benefit from our collaboration. 


Through Choose Your Pro Bono we are also building pro and low bono teams to be able to serve directly those of you with those specific needs.


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Judges Can Too

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Florida Judicial Ethics Benchguide 2018:

Canon 4B was clarified in order to encourage judges to engage in activities to improve the law, the legal system, and the administration of justice...a judge may engage in activities intended to encourage attorneys to perform pro bono services,  including and not limited to...general procedural or scheduling accommodations for pro bono attorneys...acting in an advisory capacity to pro bono programs...etc.

Judicial Pro Bono Support Lab

All Attorneys Doing Pro Bono

Providing Opportunities for Justice

Pro Bono Legal is your private consulting partner. We work with you and your private, governmental, or non-profit enterprise(s) to resolve challenges with new and current efforts aimed at delivering quality pro and low bono services within your designated communities of whatever size, scale, social, racial, or economic range or mix.  We provide and help you build the support and capacity mechanisms to bring about needed or identified changes and solutions to meet long or short-term project goals, benchmarks, results, or however you define success.  Through calibrated strategic development,  precise integration of recommendations, and ongoing technical assistance along with real-time evaluation and analysis Pro Bono Legal is your partner on your journey to the next level.  While Pro Bono Legal serves civil legal aid providers, other non-profits and associations, funders, and governmental entities such as clerks of court and state court administrators, it does so chiefly to provide opportunities for justice for those among vulnerable populations of low and moderate means. 








Let's face it, if you made it this far on the website, chances are you are part of the 33.3% of attorneys in the U.S. already doing pro bono work in one way or another (even if you are doing it to cover for a colleague/boss or make nice with a judge). That's great! Keep it up!



The next third of you are mostly on the fence about it all. You may find a way someday if given the right opportunity and the timing is good. You may have had a chance in law school to help out at your local legal aid or get a chance once in a while to volunteer at a legal clinic or handle a simple case. For others, pro bono efforts are more like random acts of kindness, and if you have the money you combine your gifts of time and money or just stick to making donations to your local legal aid annually.  For those of the 2nd third who do get to contribute time and/or money, keep it up! There is better than half of you still doing neither whom we wish to help off the fence. Keep reading.



Then there are those of the profession who make up the rest of the third 33.3%. What can I say? Not much. No amount of time, money, or other influence is going to get you to do pro bono work.  To be fair, there are probably many in this category who see it as circumstances beyond their control preventing them from doing pro bono. For all the others, there will always be many more reasons not to do pro bono.  At PBL we believe in miracles! Who knows, we may be able to at least get you on the fence. We offer a challenge to those from the 3rd third to help you find your happy place doing pro bono work.

. . . while we  work to facilitate development and enhancement of pro and low bono legal services throughout the land, we invite you to join your brother and sister lawyers in letting us know what pro bono you want to do. We will find it or make it happen! Submit your response below.

*Choose Your Pro Bono . . .

Thanks for submitting! We will reach back out to you soon. 

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"You can do what I cannot do. I can do what you cannot do. Together we can do great things." - Mother Teresa

Akerman has the largest law firm lawyer presence in Florida.  Its leadership is full-on committed to promoting a pro bono culture among its members. Their pro bono leader is Gina DelChiaro. From its New York headquarters, Gina orchestrates Akerman's massive pro bono effort throughout their 25 offices world-wide. Gina is also an active member of the Florida Pro Bono Coordinators Association.


Gina DelChiaro



"He who cannot be a good follower cannot be a good leader."- Aristotle


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“Lawyers have a license to practice law, a monopoly on certain services. But for that privilege and status, lawyers have an obligation to provide legal services to those without the wherewithal to pay, to respond to needs outside themselves, to help repair tears in their communities.” – Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg

ABA leadership, President Judy Perry Martinez and President-Elect Patricia Lee Refo continue to play active roles in the practice and support of pro bono efforts in their home regions as well as on the national stage.  Creative ways for more attorneys to help folks in need have been adopted in many states using the ABA Free Legal Answers program model. The Florida Bar, with much of the credit going to Francisco Digon-Greer for overseeing its implementation and growth, has executed Florida Free Legal Answers


Judy Perry Martinez

"There can be no equal justice where the kind of trial a man gets depends on the amount of money he has." 

U.S. Supreme Court Justice Hugo Black (1964)

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