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Get Featured In The Media,

Prove Your Authority, &

Skyrocket Your Profits

Here's how it works. . .

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Have you ever wanted to share your business story in major media outlets? Our expert team of writers pitch you to major media outlets to get you on publications on a regular basis, guaranteed!


Leverage your new-found fame and media attention to open new doors to leaders in the legal industry by getting on podcasts, scaling ads, and driving traffic to your business.


At this point, you're seen as an authority! We customize an ongoing growth package for you to reach your goals.

Pro Bono Legal LawTegic Partnership
LawTegic Pro Bono Legal Partnership
Fortune Magazine Placements
Yahoo Finance Placements
Forbes 30 under 30 placements
Yahoo Financial Story Placement
Halftone Image of Crowd

Here's how it works. . .

 instant authority

phase 1

Have our team of experts work on putting together a pitch about your business and entire life story as well as key writing angles that correlate with current situations in order to pitch to writers at high-level platforms.


phase 2

You're now the authority. It's time to leverage your exposure and take your business to new heights that you never thought possible. Leverage our proven systems and marketing techniques to bring your business to the top.

 market domination

phase 3

If you're one of the few who dreams and is hungry for more, then this is for you. We are looking for those that want to be the top 1% in your space. We leverage all channels to help you achieve your goals.

Our media placements will increase your credibility and bring you more clients, and . . . 



Dramatically boost your authority and market leadership in your industry with clients and peers.


Raise awareness on new services and products before clients even know to search for them.


Increase social proof with excerpts from high-profile publications.


Attract more visitors to your website when readers come across your story and within search engines. Improve your search engine rankings with article backlinks.

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