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Pro Bono Legal Resource Network

The best solutions for your firm or program.

A big part of growing a successful law firm or program project is having the right tools and services in place.

Selecting a resource provider can be difficult and time-consuming. This network was created to help you get started in choosing the provider that's right for you. A resource provider's participation in this directory is not an endorsement by Pro Bono Legal of that provider's products or services. There is no substitute for your own research in determining the best choice for your firm.

Resource Development Strategies


Strategic Program/Organizational

Development and Integration

Program Evaluation and Process Analysis/Enhancement

Next Level Performance/Solutions


Development and Enhancement

Substantive Legal Training

Pro Bono Recruitment/Placement

Low Bono Options

Mentoring/Coaching and Referral/Placement

Pro Bono Association Development and Implementation/Support

Media/Digital Marketing/Tech Solutions/LawTegic Agency Authority


Government Attorneys  and other Untapped Professional Resources

State Bar Pro Bono Attorney Time Tracking, Reporting, Certifications, and Promoting 

Law School/Law Student Networking

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